Chakaia Booker - Chakaia was born 1953, in Newark, New Jersey. She studied sociology at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, MFA and at the City College of New York. The artist lives in New York and works in Manhattan and Allentown, PA. She is well known for sculpture-found objects and recycled materials such as rubber tires, steel, wood frames etc.

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Terry Karpowicz - Terry Karpowicz studied art when the theories and practices of Minimalism and Conceptualism dominated. He was awarded a Fulbright-Hayes grant to England. There he served as a millwright’s apprentice, discovering the beauty and craftsmanship of watermill and windmill construction. 

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Bret Price - Bret Price just completed a major exhibition at the Dayton Art Institute in Dayton, Ohio, and has recently installed major commissions for the Crown Manufacturing Corporation in New Bremen, Ohio. A recent documentary about his work, “Art in the Middle”, has been featured at numerous film festivals throughout the United States.

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Mercury, Mars, and Venus

Peter Lundberg - Peter Lundberg is widely acclaimed for his monumental concrete and steel sculptures. Lundberg is also respected for his leadership in bringing sculpture to the public. His initiative and energy have resulted in the establishment of several new sculpture parks. These are widely visited and supported by the community and local officials. 

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Albert Paley - Albert Paley has been active as an artist for over 30 years. At his studio in Rochester, New York, he employs ten people full time. He is the first metal sculptor to receive the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Institute of Architects, the AIA’s highest award to a non-architect. Commissioned by both public and private corporations, Paley has completed more than 50 site-specific works. 

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