Heinz Aseschlimann - Heinz Aseschlimann has developed a material Called Gussasphalt described as “a new dimension in sculpturing for the new century.” Aeschlimann spent over 40 years in street construction where he was able to develop 

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Tin Man

From the Artist: Andrew Arvanetes

“This sculpture, Tin Man is the first piece in a planned series loosely identified as ‘robots.’ This new series is related to a recent group of ‘figurative’ low reliefs that dealt humorously with the everyday activities of our sometimes mundane lives.

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From the Artist: Jorge Blanco

600 lbs
Powder-coated aluminum
Price: $85,000

“This sculpture is a product of the delightful breeze coming in form the ocean on a sunlit day. I imagined the undulated shapes that evoke ancient memories of deities and strange marine creatures that lurk in my dreams.

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The Divine Proportion

Jean-Francois Buisson - “I like to revisit the classics and reinterpret them with a contemporary style of my own. I look to reconcile different periods while imbuing my work with a sense of timelessness. In doing so, 

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James Brenner - “The participant viewer moves through an architectural space. In the middle of the journey one comes to a crossroads and is confronted with a need to make a choice. The walls shift from solid to semi-transparent expressing the dynamic 

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