168" h. x 168" d.
Modular composite used in aerospace construction, light and sound components

About the Artist: Robert Chambers
Miami based artist Robert Chambers is an experimenter who comes from a family of dedicated scientists and researchers. Scientific methodology has greatly influenced the artistic practices and processes he employs in his art making. Chambers believes in a holistic approach to art making in which environment, material and subject matter create a unified installation or art piece. The artistic language he employs in his work fuses scientific knowledge, contemporary culture and locality. Chambers is also interested in creating a dialogue between spheres of consciousness: if a work is defined by strict laws of mechanical physics, his intention is to rupture the linearity, with a more playful, approachable gesture. He is interested in decoding the severity in science, opening it and allowing a new understanding in which spirituality is parallel to scientific knowledge.

Since his undergraduate years, Robert Chambers has developed an exciting multi-discipline approach to his sculpture. Born in Miami, Robert Chambers earned his BFA from the University of Miami (1983) and then an MA from New York University (1990). He continued at NYU for several years, where he taught and ran the sculpture department. He later continued his teaching career at the University of Miami. Mr. Chambers has recently completed several large public art commissions for the Miami-Dade Art In Public Places program: “Light Field”, an interactive 87’ tall LED wall of light; and “Orbital 1+2,” a 20,000 lb. marble elliptical sculpture completed March 2011. He was inivited to participate in the ”2011 Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts” at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in NYC. His awards are extensive and include a Nancy Graves Foundation Award , a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award and a residency at the Fabric Workshop Museum in Philadelphia, PA . Robert’s work is already included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Miami Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Miami, FL. Robert has participated in and has exhibited at each Art Basel/Miami since its inception in 2003.