it's all about electricity

180" h. x 120" d.
About the Artist: Richard Herzog

Richard Herzogis Assistant Professor of Art/Sculpture at New College, the Honors College of the Florida university system. Herzog earned his BFA degree from Bowling Green University (1989) in three-dimensional studies and his MFA degree from the University of Georgia (1993) in sculpture. His work explores, through botanical forms, the lack of interaction between man and nature, a human being’s disconnection from the environment, and the ‘artificalization’ of nature and all things living. His work addresses the chaotic nature within natural and man-made forms. “I look at how items are composed and their many parts, then abstract their elements – keeping true to there inherit qualities.” Herzog’s sculptures are often organic in form, as if growing or flowing from group to group, mimicking ivy or spring flowers sprouting here and there. Herzog’s sculptures have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the country.