Brushed aluminum
8 1/2 ' h x 16' w x 3 1/2' deep

About the Artist: Linda Howard
Linda Howard came of age as an artist in the formative years of Minimal art, and her earliest successful work is linked to that philosophy. However, she has always kept an element of a hands-on quality in her work, so that her sculpture, while minimal in its choice of materials, retains an emotional underpinning that minimal art eschewed. In fact, while her work is constructivist in nature, relying on principles of engineering and balance, she derives from these principles images that are engaging, spirited, and highly unique to her. Linda Howard uses polished, wheel-ground, or white-painted square aluminum tubing, cut, assembled, and welded into elaborate geometric forms. The straight, inflexible aluminum tubes, organized into certain configurations, simulate fanning, curving, billowing shapes that evoke images of wings, sails and other wind-filled forms. Wheel grinding the surface of the tubes by hand gives them a light-catching, sparkling surface that enlivens the sculptures and suggests further movement within the work. Because of the inherent structural strength of her forms, she has been able to enlarge the size and scale of her work. Critic Donald Kuspit has written about Howard’s work: “Looking modern, by reason of its industrial materials, and looking as though a mathematical game was its basis, yet having a peculiar aura of transcendence.” Linda Howard says, “The archways are gateways to transitional spaces, moving one, step-by-step, from a personalized human scale to a larger space, and then on conceptually to the expanded universe beyond.”