Mercury, Mars, and Venus

Copper, Steel, and Colored Concrete

Mars: 91″ H x 32″ D x 16″ W | 231.14 cm H x 81.28 cm D x 40.64 cm W

Venus: 104″ H x 24″ D x 18″ W | 264.16 cm H x 60.96 cm D x 45.7 cm W

Mercury: 56″ H x 27″ D x 12″ W | 142.2 cm H x 68.58 cm D x 30.48 cm W

About the Artist: Peter Lundberg

Peter Lundberg is widely acclaimed for his monumental concrete and steel sculptures. Lundberg is also respected for his leadership in bringing sculpture to the public. His initiative and energy have resulted in the establishment of several new sculpture parks. These are widely visited and supported by the community and local officials. “My art is about history, civilization, man, nature, evolution, time, archaeology, physics, process, freedom, individuality, dreams and personal experiences. I want to understand and promote public awareness of these things which I feel are important for cultural, moral and humane understanding.”