13.8′ H x 13.8′ W x 20.3′ D

Painted Aluminum

Eva Calder Powel

The sculpture presented here is of a mathematical shape called the Oloid. The oloid is a geometric object created by Paul Schatz in the 19th century. An oloid is formed when two identical disks intersect one another perpendicularly. The distance between the centers of the two disks is equal to the radius. Their convex hull or envelope produces the smooth oloid, a shape with two edges and one side, which means that every point on a straight line segment that joins points of the disk is within the object.

As you can see the piece is being cast now and will be spectacular. The painted surface will be dark and slick; actually having subtle strips that make the shape appear to be like the hull of a boat.

Photo Courtesy of Cliff Roles.