Huh, What Was That

4’2″ H x 7’2″ W x 2’7″ D

Cast Bronze 1996

About the Artist: Dana Stewart

Whimsical and amusing at first glance, more in-depth contemplation of the fanciful creatures reveals underlying dark and enchanting qualities. Grimaces, snarls, stances, and other gestures convey an array of emotions, including fear, lamentation, and surprise. Tails, commonly recognized as an animal’s emotional barometer, are exaggerated in size in comparison to each creature’s body mass. Long and thick, the appendages are held upright, standing erect, taut and on-guard. The straining, extended necks and the tight lines of the textured bodies aid in relaying this tension between lighthearted whimsy and a broader range of emotions.

Photo Courtesy of Cliff Roles.