Bruce White

Many of my recent sculptures are inspired by the theory of chaos—the concept of disorderly order in global systems. In Riddle, I was fascinated with the idea of reproducing a chance pattern of “bubbles” similar to those found in Swiss cheese. As in all of my work I first want to surprise myself and then hopefully share the experience with others.

Many of my works have been influenced by the unpredictable patterns created by natural systems. Such as falling of leaves appear to be random but are actually controlled by each individual leaf’s shape in relation to surrounding air currents, thus purposely spreading them out on the forest floor.

In ‘Meander’, I was intrigued by the shape of bubbles, which are not actually round but change and undulate in form causing them to alter direction and spread out. All this while expanding as they rise to the surface. It is as though I have sliced through a depth of water and frozen the slice.

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